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Whine whine whine - a Toad in the Well [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
wobbly sphinx

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Whine whine whine [Sep. 22nd, 2006|10:51 pm]
wobbly sphinx
I should be Whiney the Pooh instead...well my name is winnie, and you know that awful joke...and well...


Immigration and all its assorted paperwork/official biznez sucks -_-+++ Found out I have to do a health screening (bloodwork, x-ray) in MALAYSIA. Thank goodness they didn't make me fly to KL...well instead I get to go to Miri, which is like 5 hours journey away. But still...we used to be able to get everything done here! Bloody officials and bloody change of policies...I fart in their general direction!

And I have to go get my passport renewed so my employment pass will be for a full year instead of 3 months...so tomorrow morn I gotta go get my photo taken. We had a bit of a tense situation this week because today was the deciding day for the Muslim populace to fix the start of fasting month. Basically they sit on a hill and try to sight the moon. That determines if we will get the holiday on Saturday or Sunday, where it'll be moved to Monday instead. Monday is the only day when I can go get my passport renewed, so both me and my dad were totally banking on the fact that it will be a public holiday on Monday. Otherwise we're both SCREWED.

Good thing that worked out too. But yay. I've gotta design a greeting card for Hari Raya (Malay New Year's) and so that means NO DRAWING THIS WEEKEND!

:(( I was so looking forward to some stress-busting pron...

T-T And I'm still sick...well more of the croaky phase now. At least the nose has stopped its drooling.

Well, got my first ever paycheque today!!! XDDDDD That does help a bit...and me dad just took me around in the (well, MY) new car. Which incidentally I think is too big for me....With the Honda Civic I have trouble reaching the paddles...but if I crank the seat all the way to the front, I'll clip my boobs when I turn the wheel. e-e oh woe is me being a measly 5-feet tall...

So I settle for a kind of foot-stretch position. My breasts do not need further flattening -_-;

But the new car is sexay!!! So much so I'm thinking of naming him.....:P

Dan Smith


Will get some pics on the way! :D

[User Picture]From: mazlicek
2006-09-22 04:52 pm (UTC)

Girl you kill me! I love the "I fart in their general direction!" ROFL!!

Aww I am sorry that your still icky. But at least you get paid and you have a car. :D The flattening the boobs by no means is good. Watch out for them. I am sure they appreacite you sitting further back well your legs/feet probably hate you. I am sure you can find a happy medium somewhere.

If some odd guy wants to date you and your not interested you can always say you have a bf and his name is Dan Smith. He can be a hot white guy. I hear they are considered exotic over there because they are fair skinned.

Looking forward to seeing pics of your hair cut and your car.

Hope you feel better soon.
Loves and Hugs
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[User Picture]From: wobbly_sphinx
2006-09-23 12:01 am (UTC)
Hot White Guy, address: Gamecube. LOL I can't use the car yet, it's gone for a 'thorough cleaning'. The shave the perm, the whole works. :P

And I've decided I'd rather have a longer leg than flattened boobs, so stretching it is :D

It's good to hear from you!!! :3 I'm still looking for a decent postcard of Brunei...I might just take my own picture instead, the print quality here is terrible.

Missed ya!!! :x Hugsies!!!
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[User Picture]From: mazlicek
2006-09-23 05:20 pm (UTC)
Hehe. Wow Dan is really going through the works eh? You got one kept man their. I am sure lots of men would be happy to be him.

Longer legs are good. Perhaps when I see you next you may have stretched out an inch or so.

:D It was cool to catch you online last night. I was sooo weak since I had been fighting cramps all day. Ugh. Stupidness. But I am glad that we talked for a little while.


Catch you later girl. Have a good weekend. Or whatever is left of your weekend over there.
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From: (Anonymous)
2006-09-22 10:53 pm (UTC)
Whaa I finally found your LJ again :P

So this is what you've been up to...health screenings and waiting for the judgement of people who sit on hills waiting for the moon. No wonder you dont msn anymore :P

Is a Honda civic there the same size as a Honda civic here? (which if you remember, is what I drive).

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[User Picture]From: wobbly_sphinx
2006-09-23 12:04 am (UTC)
Errr, maybe it's not a Civic then >.> You know...me and cars...don't jive together. I wanna go sleep, whine whine. Tomorrow we are leaving house at 6:30am to get to the clinic in time. Then Monday we are gonna catch the ferry super-early too to go to Labuan and get the ol' pisspot renewed. Then it's back to work! But I'm pretty sure things will settle down by next weekend...

I want another fish :x
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[User Picture]From: meemobunny
2006-09-23 02:18 am (UTC)
i hope you'll fee better soon!

ooh, first paycheques are always nice~~ ^__^ i just just got a part time job, yay! how do you like your job so far??
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[User Picture]From: wobbly_sphinx
2006-10-05 02:26 pm (UTC)
Awww, thanks! :# I'm much, much better now. If only the bloody haze would leave...then I can stop being a snotty ball...of snot.

And first paycheck...is almost gone T-T For the car, the phone...the fish XD
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[User Picture]From: mazlicek
2006-10-04 12:34 pm (UTC)
Hey you!!

Haven't heard or seen you in awhile. Just wondering if you could suggest a tablet. Someone suggested WACOM Graphire4 Classic: http://www.wacom-europe.com/int/products/graphire4/index.asp?lang=en&pdx=11

If you have ANY suggestions please let me know as I would like to get one asap.

I hope everything is going well on your end. It has been a little hectic here on my end. Been really really busy. Everday has been packed. Currently, I am trying to figure out if I am suffering [yes suffering, I feel like crap] from allergies [which i hope not] or sinus pressure. I have a congested nasal passage and head pressure. It isn't cool. :( I feel a little better and not sure if it is because I took a Antihistamine or because the rain storm just finished. Anyway, I shall stop ranting. Let me know what is up on your end.

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[User Picture]From: wobbly_sphinx
2006-10-05 02:07 pm (UTC)
I have that one! It's quite good...cos well...for my needs now it's more than adequate. :) So go for it girl! XD It is a little too slippery for me to control properly though, I usually have a piece of paper taped to the top. Then I noticed the pen is starting to erode on one side :x

But my shoulder hurts either way. Time to get that desktop...anytime now...
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[User Picture]From: mazlicek
2006-10-06 01:54 am (UTC)
Well I am glad that you are more or less happy with it. Do you ever feel like you would want a bigger size?

Erode? eww.. that doesn't sound too good :(

Perhaps I should look into another one. Knowing me I wont buy one till either a) someone buys it for me or b)someone forces me to buy it. I suck at buying new electronic do-das since I also figure something bigger and better will come out.

I hope things are well on your end. We miss you here. Yes I say we. I have multiple personalities :P LOL

Later girl
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[User Picture]From: wobbly_sphinx
2006-10-07 01:01 am (UTC)
Erode as in, well slightly slanted on the tip now...I guess the excess friction is earing the pen down faster when I use a piece of paper...

But I've heard Wacom is generally the most popular (and well-known) and I've no complains here so far...Just get it! The Graphire4 is pretty much all that I need (now) and the size - 6x8 inches is just right for my desk space. I think the 4x5 is a little tiny...

The tablet also comes with a mouse. Never used it.

Well so far things are going ok...starting to get bored at work now, cos theres a slight lag in workflow. But that means I get to leave by 5pm! And we misses all of you on this end too, me and my 3 fishes XD
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[User Picture]From: mazlicek
2006-10-07 05:59 am (UTC)
Hehe. Alright. I will likely get one. I have been dying to draw on the computer for what seems forever now. Bte, how much did you end up getting your for?

I hope you got some of the links I sent you the other day. I been doing a lot of web surfing and I am totally addicted to pics of colorful wild muschrooms and sea life at the moment. Especially sea slugs and jelly fish, like the ones with really bright neon colors. Going to have a heck of a time organizing them. If your are interested in could send them to you. But I am sure you have your own collection already. ;)

Anyway, hehe you got new fishes!! You should get a squid or shrimp or something. That would be so cool!! R your fishes betas? Or another type??

Hey dont' complain less work means more time to draw!! You can draw porn now! Looks forward to new images. *bounces*
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[User Picture]From: chris926
2006-10-12 03:51 am (UTC)

you're never on msn anymore :P... anyway, you are gonna have to forgive the lateness of those tutorial CDs... i'm working 11 hours per day and 6 days in a week... and i've never had a full weekend's worth of resting yet... i'll send those things to you soon...
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[User Picture]From: wobbly_sphinx
2006-10-14 02:45 am (UTC)
Oi, just take your time laaah...

Geez you really gotta stop working so hard...next time we meet you're gonna be a stick, and I'm gonna be a blob cos all I do is sit at the desk and Photoshop...XP

I've tried searching for the Gundam thingy here...no luck. I might have to try Singapore or Malaysia when I go back. And that's gonna be a while. :x
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