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a Toad in the Well [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
wobbly sphinx

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I've been bad.... [Jan. 14th, 2007|10:27 pm]
wobbly sphinx
When was the last time I've posted??? O-O That was like...last year. Omg. Work and fish just take up my whole life now -_-

Missed everyone, missed drawing....T-T

I wanna play k7 again. I wanna draw some hawt! Dante/Verg action. DMC4 Dante scares me. That manly stubble! :O

And who the heck is Nero anyways??? Eeegh I've been gone too long.

But I swear! Or I shall get manly stubble like DMC4 Dante....that I will get sometime up next weekend! :3 I can only draw during the weekends now...work takes up all other time. And yes, it's that time of the year! I've gotta finish up the Chinese New Year card...tis not too bad this time. It's got goldfishies on it :D

...I wanna go to Singapore and do some manga shopping dammit *sobs*

And unfortunately Ed the Kraken didn't make it :( He suffered long and hard because I couldn't euthanize him, and passed sometime last month T-T I also lost Edmond to the same thing, and Alaska almost went too, except I managed to figure out the meds and he pulled through.

But now I've got 2 more new additions :D Crrrrowntail bettas *in love* as well as 2 corydoras catfish :D This is getting serious guys...
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Ed the Kraken is sick :( [Oct. 30th, 2006|02:48 pm]
wobbly sphinx

Unfortunately Ed the Kraken had finrot, which has now worsened to water mould. :( I've been medicating him to no avail...
Ed's the first betta I got since arriving in Brunei. True he is but a fish, plenty more where those came from (these guys are dirt cheap here) but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna bawl my face off if he dies :'(

Shit, I get so attached to pets it's not even funny...but I seriously hope he makes it...even if I don't have any experience in treating fish, much less water mould that is often fatal. I'm holding out cos his body is still untouched, but his fins have 2 giant holes in them - you can see the bones sticking out. And obviously he's not feeling well.

Get better soon Ed! :(

Edit: some pics of his fins :(

like I say...OUCH. But the rot has stopped since I switched treatments. Though I think the current treatment will just hold the fort while I look for the more effective one... -_-
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Erasure can be so fucking addictive... [Oct. 28th, 2006|03:35 pm]
wobbly sphinx
Edit: What the heck, added a Vergil XD May end up coloured after all :3
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My shit is finally here!!! :3 [Oct. 14th, 2006|02:15 am]
wobbly sphinx
schweeeet....all my junk that I shipped from Canada is finally here! Actually it's been here since Oct 2nd...damn shipping people didn't contact me till 3 days ago. But I can go pick everything up today! Metaphorically speaking of course, since most of the boxes weigh more than me (books, books, hardcover books) so it's gonna be someone else doing the picking...-w-

But it's like I have my life back now!!! All these while spent pining for my manga/paints/stuffed animals XD

Alright I have no life...

To further prove the point here are my 4 bettas!...and I'm already looking to get a 5th XP

lazy fish, by the name of Ed the Kraken XD

Ed after the Fullmetal Alchemist of course...just to be the nerd that I am....

This here is Echo, the only girl of the group.

Poor snail...so harassed...

This guy here's Edmond Dantes...after that creepy count from Gankutsuou. Yes the spelling is off. My bad :P

Sexy? Ain't he :D

Last but not least the newest rescue! Guy had fungus and fin rot...but he's all fine now! :3

He doesn't have a name yet...I'm having the darnest time coming up with one for him. Has to be something corpsey. Cos he's the colour of a cadaver. Ooh Colour of a Cadaver. CoaC Errr yeah. Poor guy might just end up with that 'name' X3

So this is what I've been spening my hard earned cash on. And neglecting my drawing XP (gets Collateral Shotted)
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Whine whine whine [Sep. 22nd, 2006|10:51 pm]
wobbly sphinx
I should be Whiney the Pooh instead...well my name is winnie, and you know that awful joke...and well...


Immigration and all its assorted paperwork/official biznez sucks -_-+++ Found out I have to do a health screening (bloodwork, x-ray) in MALAYSIA. Thank goodness they didn't make me fly to KL...well instead I get to go to Miri, which is like 5 hours journey away. But still...we used to be able to get everything done here! Bloody officials and bloody change of policies...I fart in their general direction!

And I have to go get my passport renewed so my employment pass will be for a full year instead of 3 months...so tomorrow morn I gotta go get my photo taken. We had a bit of a tense situation this week because today was the deciding day for the Muslim populace to fix the start of fasting month. Basically they sit on a hill and try to sight the moon. That determines if we will get the holiday on Saturday or Sunday, where it'll be moved to Monday instead. Monday is the only day when I can go get my passport renewed, so both me and my dad were totally banking on the fact that it will be a public holiday on Monday. Otherwise we're both SCREWED.

Good thing that worked out too. But yay. I've gotta design a greeting card for Hari Raya (Malay New Year's) and so that means NO DRAWING THIS WEEKEND!

:(( I was so looking forward to some stress-busting pron...

T-T And I'm still sick...well more of the croaky phase now. At least the nose has stopped its drooling.

Well, got my first ever paycheque today!!! XDDDDD That does help a bit...and me dad just took me around in the (well, MY) new car. Which incidentally I think is too big for me....With the Honda Civic I have trouble reaching the paddles...but if I crank the seat all the way to the front, I'll clip my boobs when I turn the wheel. e-e oh woe is me being a measly 5-feet tall...

So I settle for a kind of foot-stretch position. My breasts do not need further flattening -_-;

But the new car is sexay!!! So much so I'm thinking of naming him.....:P

Dan Smith


Will get some pics on the way! :D
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K7 Fanart Spammy~ [Sep. 17th, 2006|12:55 am]
wobbly sphinx
Aargh here's Dan and a bit of Curtis agaaain....aren't you sick of em' now? XD

Somehow I've always had the image that Dan would get capped in the urinal...-_-a

and the girls from killer 7! Samantha Sitbon, Susie Summer and Kaede. Spot the odd one out.

I had my hair cut short!!! Basically it looks like Kaede's length and style...except nerdier and dorkier. Maybe I should get contacts...=.= Naaah, prolly won't help a thing XD
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What have I done?? DMC! DMC! [Sep. 16th, 2006|11:31 am]
wobbly sphinx
This is all salavin's fault.....and xposted to EVERYWHERE...

And the omake...Vergil's gonna freak when his hands turn into paws XD
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I'm back from the dead!!! ~zombie~ [Sep. 16th, 2006|12:06 am]
wobbly sphinx
...zombie is right...I've become a work zombie...I can't believe I haven't drawn for more than a month!!! :O Shiiiit my hand is hibernating, gotta do some warm up sketches to wake it up. :P
So here are the spawns of Sparda, b/w because I'm lazy.

Dante and Vergil can always liven up my day :3 and I seem to be getting my groove back...Yeah Baby! X3

Well, that's all folks(for now)! I'm absolutely pooped. Non-worksafe stuff coming soon!!! XD
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I'm home!!! X3 [Aug. 30th, 2006|11:19 pm]
wobbly sphinx
W00t! 7 days and 18 hours of plane flights later I've finally arrived back in Brunei! No jet lag this time surprisingly, cos I splept like 8 hours on the plane :P

But the other thing is....I've got a job!!!! Its a Graphics Design position at the Yellow Pages branch here in Brunei. The Manager is a childhood friend of my dad, so that helped a bit. :) Even though the pay and holiday benefits are non-existant -_- but it would be a very good start. That and the fishes here are dirt cheap XD Like BD$1:80 per betta X333 (translates to roughly Canadian $1:50 per fish, while I'd bought mine for $5:50 each -_-)

Gosh some things can become so overpriced in the West. But I supposed they come from local breeders. So yeah. I'm gonna get fish!!! XD

As for my porny drawings...it's kinda difficult to do anything with my parents and lil' bro walking around :P But I'll soon get my own room, and y'all will know whats gonna happen then XPPP
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The end of it all. [Aug. 20th, 2006|12:40 am]
wobbly sphinx
That's it. Everything's packed. The goodbyes have been said. All that remains is for me to board the plane tomorrow, alone. This is becoming a lot harder than I expected, I never thought my attachments ran so deep. Oh well, for the meantime I'll keep telling myself that I'll come back after 2 years. Eases the sting a little. That and I'll get to see the Vancouver Aquarium :)

Sigh, but partings are still so hard. I hope I can sleep tonight. Well, see you guys in one week! ~waves~
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